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10 September 2020 Maybe is working?

Published at: 09-10-2020 23:29
Updated at at: 09-10-2020 23:52
10 September 2020 Coin link 10.09.2020 Coin Masterdacious
. The Hammer is the developer of the Coin Master New Event. They announced that they would release a contest on their website to let fans help decide the winner of the new Hammer Design Contest. The website was able to receive thousands of visitors during the past few days as fans waited for the contest to begin. The event has been filled with hype and excitement for the new Hammer prize package and, unfortunately, not all winners were happy with their prize.
With thousands of visitors and online hype for this exciting contest, I was curious about the outcome of the contest. The winner was announced during the Coin Master Village Game on ABC TV. They chose to give the Grand Prize of $1000 to the lucky winner of the contest. While I was pleased with this hot new coin, I am disappointed with how it was awarded. In order to have a chance at winning this grand prize, fans had to "hack" the system and obtain one of the more than twelve million "floating points" in the game.
Did I say "floating point?" Not floating points, but real world dollars! For the uninitiated, the game is based around beating opponents and completing the "Masters" in the form of a new event on the Coin Master New Event. Players are given free reign to purchase "tools" and outfits to complete the Masters. Players can "buy" coins by spending real Coins. They then complete their Masters using the coins that they earned in the game. Players then roll dice in order to hit other players in the game, if they are on their "spin" and get a match, they get coins.
To start the game, players are shown the number of coins and a selection of "mint boxes" (that are sold in packs of four) to be used before the game begins. Players can choose to purchase "Solo" (the player rolls the dice alone) or "Family" (two players roll the dice together). Players are then given "choose a box" screen and, from there, choose the coins to be used. Players can continue to increase their coin supply by either adding coins that they have already won or buying new boxes. Alternatively, they can buy the new "scratch off" option to earn new "points" by hitting the Masters.
Once the first roll of the dice is complete, the first player is "roughed up" and shown the results of the dice roll. Players will then see their "box" count, which represents how many coins remain in their "box". The second coin in a "pack" is added to the "points"toes" of the original pack and the second new event is chosen. The game continues until the last coins are dropped. At this point, the die is flipped to see if it rolled any heads or tails and the game is over.
The winner of the contest is the player who has earned the most points by the end of the game. Points are accumulated as the player wins matches of the "Masters" events (when "hits" happen and they receive coins). The amount of coins is determined by the total of the wins and loses of the players. A player was awarded 100 points for winning the contest and was disqualified after failing to "roll the dice" before the finish. This is an extremely low amount of points for a winner.
The best thing about the Coin Master New Event is the fact that it is free to play. If you are a fan, I encourage you to try out the game. You might find yourself buying the game because you simply love the game so much.


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