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How to Raid Coin Master Event - Raid Ticket to Rhino Coin Master Event?

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15 November 2020 Maybe is working?

Published at: 11-15-2020 23:29
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15 November 2020 25 spin link 15.11.2020 Coin Masterhemian
There is a special raid in the How to Raid coin master game that can be accessed by purchasing one of two special packages. This special package includes two legendary items as well as a set of additional loot for a special raid that allows you to play the game without getting any monsters from the other side of the map. The sets of additional loot include a new mount, a new hero, and one new, unique item. There are a couple of different ways that players can access this special raid, either by purchasing a package or by going into the game and getting it by purchasing a paid ticket.


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