Pokemon Go Promo Codes: Active Codes for August 2020

Trainers can often redeem Pokemon Go promo codes for useful in-game items. Rewards might include Poke Balls, Incense, Berries, and other random loot. Promo codes often work for a short time from when they release, so you will need to act quickly.

Aside from using codes for free items, you can always visit Poke Stops and Gyms whenever possible. Doing this every day allows you to obtain the maximum amount of items. There is a limit to how many items you can carry, though, so you might need to buy a backpack!

How to Redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes

For iOS users, you have to access the Niantic Labs Pokemon Go rewards page to redeem all promo codes. Regardless of which method you use, you can enter any active working promo codes to redeem your free in-game items.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes: August 2020

There is one active promo code right now, and it’s part of the Team GO Rocket Balloons event. When we redeem the promo on our account, it gave us three Potions, and three Revives. There is no promo code for this one, so you will need to look for the email in your inbox.

Check for the email titled “Tomorrow’s a big day, Team GO Rocket!” and scroll down towards the bottom. There is a button that says ‘Redeem code for supplies.’ Clicking that will redirect you to the Niantic Labs reward site, where the code can be applied.
You can then claim the codes here